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Chef Well Done
Personal Chef Services

Smart & Delicious Dinner Solutions
Getting Started...

Step 1:
Get to know you meeting

While meeting at your home, Chef Well Done will learn more about you and/or your families' food preferences, favorites, dietary requirements, or food allergies that any family member may have. We'll help determine the frequency of service that best fits your needs - weekly, biweekly, or monthly. At that time, the personal chef will take a tour of your kitchen, where the meals will be prepared. And lastly, we will complete a client service agreement, that outlines the terms of service, and schedule a convenient cook date.

Step 2:
Recipe Research/Customized Menu Planning/Client Approval

After learning about your specific meal preferences, Chef Well Done will use the information provided to research our extensive collection of recipes. We will then propose a customized meal plan of entrees and appropriate side dishes for you and/or your family. Once you've approved it, we're all set!

Step 3:
Grocery Shopping & Supplies

On the morning of your cook date, Chef Well Done will shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as the finest selection of fresh meats and seafoods. In addition, Chef Well Done will provide a mobile kitchen with all of the pantry items (oils, vinegars, spices, and fresh, organic herbs, etc., flours, sugars, and paper goods), along with the necessary equipment, cookware, and utensils, to prepare your delicious meals.

Step 4:
Cook Date

Upon arriving at your home, Chef Well Done will refrigerate the fresh items, set up the mobile kitchen, and prepare all of the meals you selected, plus the appropriate side dishes. The meals will be properly cooled, and then packaged and labeled for your refrigerator or freezer. Your menu and complete reheating instructions will be waiting for you. Lastly, your kitchen will be cleaned, and Chef Well Done will only leave the aroma of mouth-watering meals behind.

Step 5:
The Best Part...

Heat and enjoy your delicious, healthy, personalized dinners! Bon Appetit!

Chef Well Done's Commitment....
Your satisfaction is our absolute priority! Creating delicious meals, while saving you time, money, and stress, is Chef Well Done's focus every day. After you've enjoyed your first couple of meals, we will follow up to see if there are any adjustments that can be made to ensure future dinners meet with your expectations. Thanks so much for your business!!

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